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Sensual Movement Therapy

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

When we are in our body we can feel into our sensual and sexual sides. Have you ever just wanted to slow dance and move in whatever ways feel good to you in your body? Well you can! Put on your favorite slow sensual movement and dance, just for you, just for the sensual energy that you can play with and flow with. Sensual Movement Therapy can be a great resource to try to get you out of your head and into your body, access your sensual energy and feel arousal just for you. Many times we only feel sensual if we are doing it for someone else, but what if you set some time aside for YOU! And gave yourself a sexy strip tease in the mirror? Or put on something sexy just for the sake of feeling the delicious fabric against our skin. Sensual Movement Therapy is something I offer as a Sex & Intimacy Coach, if you need help being guided in this type of ritual contact me today and we can set up a discovery call to discuss this type of offering and more.

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