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What is Mindful Masturbation?

I have embarked on a journey and there is no turning back. I have entered into a community and school of thought around self-love, growth and healing around sexuality. I knew that I had a calling to be a sex and intimacy coach for almost a decade, but when I began to take steps toward making this something I was fully stepping into I hadn't realized that I too would be stepping into the shoes of a student, a seeker, benefitting from the same space I hold for clients.

All coaches need a coach. That is a whole separate blog topic. But I knew I would need mentorship and a guide to show me. I know now that it isn't one person who will teach me, it is every person I am I contact with: from client, to colleague, other participants in workshops and classes I attend, people whose social media accounts I follow. I am forever changed and opened to respond to this important current that runs through my body that I cannot ignore. My own sexuality is an awareness that I want to tend to like a garden I am proud of cultivating and to continue to listen with a loving and tender ear.

I have begun a mindful masturbation practice. I first thought well of course I am mindful but as soon as I began to notice how I connected with myself sexually I realized how trained I had been to a way of responding. I had a go to way of self-pleasure and there was so much to learn from it. I feel like my self-pleasure practice is being dissected and studied by the scientist of my own mind. It has taught me where my mind goes, how my body responds and what new sensations I can experience if I open up from just one way of exploring my body to experiencing new sensations and responses. This practice is opening me to love myself more, appreciate my body more and to learn to connect with myself and heal parts of myself that need tenderness that I had no idea needed attention because I have been on auto-pilot. But this isn't an opportunity to shame myself, it is only apart of my journey to freeing myself and expanding my palette to give myself more pleasure and deeper connection to who I am. There is so much more to discover.

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