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Sheba Queen of the Night 

Sheba Queen of the Night has been mesmerizing audience with her shimmies and shakes since 2009. She began performing in the San Francisco Bay Area in Oakland, CA and took her California Curves to the sunshine state of Florida, where she now performs regularly in the Tampa Area in St. Petersburg, FL. Sheba is known as the Best Chest from East to West, and she brings her kinky feminist finesse to stages all across the country. She conjures the charisma of the casino show girl of the 1960's and 70's, and seduces with her sultry strip tease with confidence and glamour. 


Sheba has been accepted and competed in festivals all over the country including A Burly Q Burlesque Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she placed second place in the Neo-Burlesque category, the Humboldt Burlesque Expo, the Savannah Burlesque Festival, Florida Burlypicks and the Golden Legend Champion Challenge where she won the Golden Variety Award. She was mentored by Opal Dockery, the living burlesque legend Melissa St. John. She will be performing this year in Fierce Queer Performance Art Festival in Seattle, WA and the Northwest Vaudeville Festival in Portland, OR. 


Hot Dice

Hot Dice is a nod to the vintage casino showgirl days with prop dice that Sheba sits on and teases the audience while she whips around the room like a lucky charm. 

Song: Luck by a Lady/Wild Wild Woman

Shakin All

Shakedown is a high energy glamorous rockabilly thumping number with vintage vibes that is sure to get the room buzzing with excitement. 

Song: Wanda Jackson "Shakin' All Over"

Body Positively Fantastic

This act is an expression of body-positivity with a vintage skit about size appropriation and then segways into a fuck you anthem about owning your body in all its glory. 

Song: How You Like Me Now by the Heavy


Coming Soon

Vagina Homage

Vagina Homage is an empowerment piece around themes of power and control, owning your sexuality and expressing it in a liberation of being a women. 

Song: You Don't Own Me/I will Survive/Werq that Pussy

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