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Sheba the Curvy Pinup Model

Sheba is a published pinup model and has been modeling for over 10+ years.  She is confident with her curves and adores to adorn them with vintage fashions, lingerie and fetish wear, when she is feeling naughty. She began her love of pinup modeling in 2009 when she began taking the stage as a burlesque performer.  She is known in the burlesque world as the "Best Chest from East to West" and although born on the west coast she now resides in the western front of Las Vegas, NV.  She loves to shoot with classic cars, recreate scenes from her favorite glamour goddesses of the 1960's and 70's and is a neon sign enthusiast. She loves a smokey casino showroom and thrift shopping for timeless treasures.  She is a body-positive activist and is very inspired by swimsuit modeling on the white sand beaches in her backyard.

Sheba will bait you with her bedroom eyes, sly smile and sultry style. This curvaceous classy dame will take up space with so much grace.  

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